Road infrastructure causes tragedy

As a developing country, South Africa has plans to rebuild its poor road infrastructure, as they should. The country’s current road keep’s getting worse as the years pass by without maintaining the roads. The damages to the roads are caused by heavy vehicles travelling on the road, rain causing pot holes and infrastructure.

There are many roads in South Africa that needs some repairing to be done. But one road caught my eye this past weekend as I was travelling on that very road. I spent the weekend from the 28th to the 30th of October in Lephalale, Limpopo with my family and as we were traveling at night on Friday evening, on the R33 road from Vaalwater to Lephalale, we came across a lot of road signs warning us to slow down. As we were approaching what seemed to be like a huge ditch in the middle of the road.

On Saturday morning, we drove that same road leaving Lephalale heading towards Vaalwater for an outing and we seen a wrecked Audi laying in the ditch on its roof. It was hard to imagine anyone surviving the accident. The infrastructure has been like that for two years and was caused by the flood that Limpopo had experienced early 2014.

On our way back from our outing in Vaalwater with my family, we arrived just in time at the scene of the accident as the car was being towed. The guys that towed the car said that accident had occurred in the early hours of the morning. The driver was fortunate to survive the crash as he was there while his car was being towed out of the ditch. There was no mention of any casualties. It was difficult and uncomfortable for me to approach the driver because I did not want to seem insensitive, as he seemed traumatized from the event while looking on at the damage to his car.

Incidents like these are reasons enough to start repairing the roads in South Africa. Securing tenders will help decrease such accidents from happening.


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