Margaret Van Wyk speaks out.

Margaret accidently shared an explicit image of her private part which was meant for husband, to her daughter’s parent’s hockey group chat on Whatsapp. A member of the Whatsapp group took a screenshot of the chat and shared it on social media platforms. The image went viral and has since caused strain on her family with the extensive media coverage that the viral image got.

Margaret and her family fell victimized to social media bullying and has been depressed since the incident occurred. Margaret described that her family felt like they have been close to hell or death and that no one wants to see their family hurt and can’t understand how people would intentionally torment her children on their social accounts. Margaret’s representative said that she is a mother first and social media has since tarnished that.

Her representative further stated that Margaret does not see anything wrong with occasionally sending her husband a photo like that with her reasoning being “to keep the spark alive” in her 24-year marriage.

Her representative shut down rumours that the picture was not meant for her husband Chris but rather for another man that she is allegedly having an affair with. When asked about her husband’s recording that leaked to the media in which he made threatening remarks to anyone who texts him regarding the image of his wife or continues to share the image via social media, Margaret’s representative clearly said that their client is Margaret and not her husband and cannot excuse his behaviour.

Margaret will not be taking any legal actions against the person who initially shared the explicit image of her on social media platforms as it is still unclear who leaked it and how her identity was linked to the image. Margaret does have grounds to take legal action as there are laws that will act in her favour but chooses not to because she doesn’t want her family to endure more pain and scrutiny that they have already experience when the image first went viral.


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