edited event article


I attended the Mercedes-Benz fashion show at Nelson Mandela Square and while I was waiting for the show to begin, I had an ultimate fan girl moment when I spotted DJ Zinhle. I was completely star struck that I couldn’t bring myself to walk up to her and ask for a picture.

The show was about to start and as soon as I walked into the venue and got ushered to my seat, I could instantly feel the vibe that was in the room. Everyone was excited and patiently waiting for it to begin whilst everyone in attendance found their seats.

I sat in the back row, at the start of the runway and seen a bottle of water and chocolate waiting for me on my seat. I kept myself hydrated and had a little snack to keep my stomach from growling, what a way to watch a fashion show. The chocolate and bottle of water gesture immediately made me feel important which in turn prompted me to attend more shows in the near future.

Joanna Hedley opened up the runway with her beach cult collection. I personally don’t go to the beach or enjoy swimming in the beach, but her swimsuit collection made me want to get out of my comfort zone. The swimsuits were trendy, she implemented summer patterns, just in time as spring was closely approaching.

As the show progressed with designer Tina Ngxokolo showing off her cultural mix with a modern day element collection. The colour and style of the clothing looked effortless on the models as they walked down the runway.

Designer Khosi Nkosi fashionably closed the show with the most beautiful collection which was also modern day culture. The garments were pieced together with traditional print and had models of all sizes and length to preview the clothing.

Khosi’s collection which is affordably available at YDE.


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