About me

Journalism is my first priority. I love writing about varies topics and hopeful to break into the investigative journalism world.
I am a true believer in the finer things that life has to offer, therefore my work inspires me to create and bring about diversity in what I do. I tackle topics that most are afraid to and that’s a quality of mine that most admire about me. My personality makes me who I am and that is why and how I fell in love with journalism, to ask all the hard questions and photograph the difficult situations.

I make sure that my stories are fit for newspaper and online target markets. Being part of this industry means that you have to be flexible and take on as much as you can to further develop yourself.

As a journalist, the industry that I am in is evolving. I had to learn more skills in order to evolve with the industry. In addition to being a journalist, I do photo journalism as well as a content writer.


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