My community; My HOME.

I stay in Newlands, most people built an umbrella around Newlands and labelling it a ‘rough coloured neighbourhood’. I have been staying here for almost 17 years and yes there has been some violence, but where are there not any?

I like to look at Newlands and perceive Newlands to be on a ‘come up’. Local businesses are thriving in my area and just because some of the owners of these businesses might not be from South Africa, does not meant that we shouldn’t support local business owners as they are trying to earn a living, just any one of us and help build up and support their community that they are part of now.

Women on the corner with their fruit and vegetable stalls rely on their business because the money goes towards paying electricity to keep their lights on and water warm. These women live in the RDP houses that were built by the ANC government that won the municipal elections a few year back. Some of these houses are not equipped with electricity therefore the fortunate ones that are equipped with electricity has to find a way to keep them on. Hence the stalls.

The DA has now taken over from the ANC and they have started making a change. They are currently replacing the water pipes that would occasionally leak for weeks on end.

There is hope for my community and I believe that local businesses is the start to a success story that will further progress the community.










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