2016 local elections – my view.


Voting is a way of letting “your voice” be heard which is an old time cliché. By voting, you have a chance to make a change, a change that might just become a revolution, but who is to say? who is to say that the party you voted for, that made all those promises to you will pull through? will they deliver on their promise? how will it take for them to deliver? Talk is cheap.

There is no cooperation between each party. The DA has been campaigning on promises that they will deliver a positive change to our situations in our city/town, the ANC promised the same thing and so did the EFF etc. There are so many political parties to choose from, how do we choose? who do we trust to let “our voices” be heard?. That’s the thing when it comes to elections, you don’t know who to trust but you have to allow yourself to have faith that the party you vote for, will deliver on their promises.

Young people are the ones who the community should be supporting and encouraging to vote. They are young and might not feel as if they will see change because they are used to their environment and the government’s continuous disappoint to try and implement the promises that have been made to them.

My point is that it IS important to vote  because even though the party doesn’t deliver, you get to go to bed with a piece of mind knowing you done the right thing by voting and letting YOUR voice be heard by marking that X.

At the end of the elections, once the results were issued, the DA said ‘thanks’ while the president got protested at the IEC while saying his speech.

Like I said, voting is all about faith and not trust.






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